Friday, November 11, 2011

meet woodstock

There's one of the good reasons why I disappeared for two weeks.  His name is Woodstock and before you get too excited, he's not mine.  He's an adoptable dog that I'm fostering from Forever Home Rescue New England.  If you're interested in adopting this sweet dog and you're in the Boston area or know anyone who is, you can check out his Pet Finder profile for more information.  A few things that profile won't mention:

1) He's very polite and never goes up or down the stairs until invited.
2) He's smart and already understands which furniture is off-limits and which is not.
3) He lifts his leg so high when he pees, I'm always a little worried he's going to topple over.

I'm especially glad to have him as a house guest because I walked out of my job in mid-October.  Life is just too short and wonderful to spend it being miserable.  I've spent the last month starting up my own dog walking and pet sitting business called Bark Breaks (and if any of my lovely, lovely readers would want to toss a link to that page on their blog, I would love them forever and ever).  It's fun and exciting but also sort of terrifying.  I'm learning about all sorts of things I never thought I'd be into - business development, SEO, accounting.  Gracious!  

Now it's time to go flyer the heck out of the surrounding suburbs.  I'll be back next week.  Have a great weekend everyone.