about me

Hi there!  My name is Karen.  I’m a 20-something girl living in the metro Boston area with my husband, Beau.  One of my top priorities is learning to live in a green, sustainable, and environmentally-conscious way.  
My blog, Renegade Homestead, is named after our suburban condo where I’m rebelling against the American status quo of constant consumption and disposable everything.  I refuse to accept that the pinnacle of good living is owning seven TVs.  Instead, I sew, bake, and cook from scratch.  I raise a vegetable garden on a 80-square-foot deck (also known as the Hanging Gardens of Beaubylon or Karen’s Victory Garden depending on who you ask).  I mend, make do, and avoid buying anything brand new.  I upcycle everything that I can from toilet paper tubes to Beau’s old work shirts.  
When I’m not writing or homesteading, I run a dog walking business, which has allowed me to escape the cubicle in favor of spending every day out in the elements with some very eager fuzzy friends.    
If any of that sounds good to you, then you might be a renegade as well.