Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Behold My Restraint!

I've been bad lately. The pizza delivery guy knows the sound of my husband's voice. When our take-out Thai lady stopped to catch up for five minutes the last time she was here, I knew we had to get back to our usual routine. Today, we stocked the house with healthy food and veggies but there are still land mines all over my kitchen. Like the tub of Fudge Tracks ice cream that I would like to bathe in. To keep myself from further temptation, I created the Compromise Milkshake.

Compromise Milkshake

1 cup skim milk
2 spoonfuls of ice cream (be honest, you know what a real spoonful looks like)
Dollop of whip cream (and one hit from the can while your husband runs the garbage outside)
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Combine the milk and ice cream in a sizable bowl. Mix with an immersion blender. Pour into cup and top with whip cream and cinnamon. Guilt free dessert!

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