Saturday, May 7, 2011

Project On Deck

There's a green-sky kind of thunderstorm blowing in so I'm stuck puttering around the house for the afternoon instead of playing outside like I'd planned. I'm trying to be mindful of sitting for long periods of time since I'm officially off of the hazy-making muscle relaxants that have fogged up my brain for the past week so I'll make this relatively short and sweet. Instead of frolicking outdoors, I'm planning my next big craft project. I'm going to attempt to recreate a drool worthy Anthropologie dress.

Vogue 7848 - $5.99 on sale

Swiped from here

My ambition thinks I'm going to wrap the embroidery from the right front of the dress up and around the bodice to peak out at the left side. My skepticism thinks otherwise.

I also bought $12 of white stretch poplin this morning. The zipper will probably cost me another $2 so if I can pull this off, my version of the dress will cost a whopping $20. Well, $20 plus several weeks of embroidery. I'll be replacing the large floral pattern (which would take me several YEARS of embroidery) with a lighter viney version.

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