Tuesday, February 7, 2012

superbowl defeat eats

On Sunday morning, I woke up early, painted on my eye black, and got to work in the kitchen.  We spent all day prepping our Superbowl snacks just like last year, the main difference being that I made little food labels this time around.  Beau just sorta shook his head.  He does that sometimes.   
Bill presented the artichoke dip

Buffalo Boston Wings in Beau's own teriyaki glaze

Gisele shivered on the chili that our guests brought (WELL, I CRACK MYSELF UP)

Ever popular fried pickle chips

Addictive baked onion rings (I made these twice last week)

And my personal favorite: Brady jalapeno poppers

Things didn't turn out quite as planned for the Patriots but it didn't really matter in our living room where everyone was knee deep in snack food, beer, and good times.

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