Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Goes Best with Vacation?

New England continues getting walloped by back to back storms. Today, I tuned out the sleet and focused on our upcoming vacation. Besides the promise of sun, beach and new ports, one of my favorite parts of cruising is that there's still a touch of the old-fashioned in it - playing shuffle board, strutting on the promenade deck, drinking a Tom Collins in the piano bar. Best of all, people still get dolled up. Granted, some show up to the formal dining room in sports jerseys but there's also the crowd that wears their pearls and cocktail dresses. I began my cruise wear shopping with the two most important accessories: a big floppy hat and little white heels. I've narrowed it down to two of each.

Karen from the block:
Echo vs Luxury Diva (shut up)

Labor Day Who?:

So, any thoughts?

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