Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Highlights: Discord & Rhyme

I managed to leave the house on Saturday between frenzied bouts of crafting and hurting my back (again).

Lidingö ate my baby

Now that the downstairs bathroom is done, momentum is carrying us straight towards the kitchen. We headed to Ikea to pick out new cabinets. The rest of the necessaries will come from Home Depot.

Hudson Valley Duck with stuffing

We went to dinner at Tastings in Foxboro with friends. They source as much as possible from small local farms and infuse their own liquor, including the bacon bourbon that ended up in a Manhattan at our table.

Lady Gaga on Lips

The rest of the night was spent back at our house, singing karaoke... and ordering midnight pizza when our itty-bitty dinner portions wore off. There may have been voicemail serenades of Hungry Like the Wolf and Lean on Me left for a few lucky friends.

Needless to say, Sunday has been much quieter.

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