Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pattern Bonanza

After I finish Laura's birthday present, I'm determined to finally making things for myself at a leisurely pace - something I haven't done since before the wedding. In preparation for a few months of no-deadlines crafting, I raided

Vogue 7848

Not that I've sworn off sundresses. Quite the contrary. This pattern has six different length and strap versions to play with once I get the swing of the simplest construction (pictured here). Also, I don't plan to use Hawaiian print fabric and then attempt to look disdainful. What about luaus says haughtiness?

Vogue 2401

Sigh, the coup de grĂ¢ce is my reach dress. It's a reissue of an original pattern from 1952. The reviews say it's for advanced seamstresses but it's the same cut as my four favorite dresses. If I can learn to make it, I will literally have an entire closet of them. Also, it would be a great excuse to invest in little white gloves and floppy hats.

Butterick 5421

It's likely that my first project will be version A of this skirt. The reviews say it's a good pattern for beginners, which I certainly am when it comes to apparel. The last sundress that I tried to make a few years ago turned into a pillow that lives in my craft room and mocks me from the comfort of the guest bed. I'll show it yet.

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