Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year’s Evolutions

I was once quoted as saying that setting New Year’s resolutions are tantamount to putting an expiration date on your goals, but I realize now that that was just a snarky way of saying that I didn’t have goals. It was glorious while it lasted. I spent my early twenties the way every college grad should – binge drinking on Tuesdays and job hopping. Sometime between marriage, home ownership and getting a career, I grew up, much to the disappointment of some. I’ve spent a long time avoiding writing because I felt like I no longer had anything interesting to write about. I’ve mellowed out from my troublemaking youth, which provided a wealth of anecdotes.

I finally realized that I had stopped writing for myself a long time ago and was writing for an imaginary audience. It would be lovely if my friends and family found some enjoyment in this but if they don’t, then fiddle-dee-dee I say. I’m beginning this new project with the intention of writing about my new life – my real life – and naming it after an old, abandoned factory outside of Newark, NJ that still displays a moniker that suits me perfectly though maybe not at first glance. It has always suggested frilly things worn with combat boots to me. And, well, if you know me, then that must seem pretty spot on right about now.
via Flutter ProductionsIn the spirit of new beginnings, I’ve come full circle and decided New Year’s resolutions aren’t such a bad thing after all. I think of them less as resolutions and more as an extended to-do list for the upcoming year. They include things I’m already working on and things I’d like to tackle now that I’m not planning a wedding or buying a house. Either way, updates (and possible failures, cussing and bitterness) are likely to appear here in the future.

1) Be greener: Ecofriendliness is a major interest of mine and I’d like to go beyond shopping at Whole Foods and reading Tree Hugger.

2) Watch less TV: I used to plop myself on the couch after work for a minimum of 4 hours of boob tube. While I still consider my memorization of every one of the original Family Guy episodes an achievement, I’m ready to move on.

3) Learn something new: There’s a shiny new Nikon D3000 sitting on my coffee table but I treat it like a point and shoot. While we’re at it, I’d like to finally learn some graphic design considering I didn’t have time for it in college.

4) Go camping: Bears, bugs and being in bad shape will stop me no more. I’m determined to sleep outside in an honest to God tent… probably with a machete nearby.

5) Exercise three times per week: I got so good at exercising when I was on Weight Watchers, which was one of the most miserable months of my life, but without something to hold myself accountable, the siren song of lounging with a plate of brownies always wins this battle. I vote this goal most likely to fail.

6) Blog twice a week: In 2008, I had so little to do at work that I managed to write 90 entries all from the comfort of my cubicle. Writing fell to the wayside when I got a big-girl job. This year, I’m committed to break that record… from home. I’m planning to treat this space as an old fashioned journal and chronicle the happenings that interest me.

7) Travel: Up the road, we plan on having children but before then, I want to see places that are incompatible with strollers.

8) Renovate the condo: Our 1980s condo was a perfect buy for us: priced under value because the décor was firmly stuck in the age of beige linoleum. I’m going to change that (with the help of my do-it-yourselfer husband, Beau) one ugly etched-glass light fixture at a time.

9) Create more, buy less: Since making half the elements at our wedding, I’ve become a consummate crafter. With two sewing machines and a brand new dress form by my side, I hope to make more of the things that I would normally spend $100 and 15 minutes buying. Instead, I’ll spend $15 and 100 hours creating.

10) Cook more: Beau is an amazing cook and I’m still shamed that my signature dish used to be Karen’s Bachelorette Chili (can of black beans, ample dash of taco seasoning packet, smothered in cheddar). I’ve nominated myself Veggie Dictator of the household for 2011.

That seemed like a lot less before I wrote it all down but I suppose that’s the benefit of writing it out. Happy New Year.

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  1. #9 is my favorite because this is my resolution for the future (which I think was born from watching/reading/seeing your craftiness). I can realistically say that I don't think i'll accomplish it this year but I would love to in the near future. I think you'll motivate me to do this one!

    #10- i'm currently OBSESSED with cubanelle and banana peppers. i don't know their nutrional values but i have eaten them in soups and sandwich for the past 3 weeks and i'm not tired of them yet. i insist you share any and all recipes you attempt/conquer/make your bitch...