Saturday, January 15, 2011

(Almost No TV) Snow Day - Part II

When the Boston Public school system called another snow day on Wednesday night - meaning my office was closed again on Thursday - I had a very disgruntled husband on my hands. He became significantly more gruntled though when he realized that meant that I would spend my free time doing all the chores he hated doing on weekends.

Good to my word, I spent Thursday making the beds, washing four loads of laundry, doing dishes, dusting and generally puttering around making the place tidier... and watching four episodes of Sex and the City. But everyone needs a lunch break and there is something incredibly satisfying about midday viewing of a program that features impeccably dressed women doing everything but work.

I also whipped up a quick craft project that took under an hour. It would be a perfect beginner's introduction to sewing.
We've had the same gold tablecloth on there for a solid year. Instead of buying another one, I used a piece of fabric found during Wednesday's stash reorganization to make a table runner. I measured the length and width of the area I wanted to cover (the area that is actually a mismatched table leaf) and added an inch to the width and about 22 inches to the length.
Then I just folded the edges under to make a finished-ish seam and tried my darndest to keep the fabric straight when I fed it through my sewing machine. And voilĂ ! Clean house and redecorated kitchen. All in a day's work.

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  1. OMG! You must have channelled mom!! When we put the leaves in our dining room table, they were still the original color, where the rest of the table that was usually out had been sunbleached... her solution... create a runner!!