Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Highlights

It was a happy, productive, economy-stimulating kind of weekend around here. We went out for dinner and a show on Saturday.

Dinner at Market
(I'm not up to taking pictures of food yet...
but I assure you, it was amazing)


The bathroom is functional and near completion. I'm very lucky that my husband actually LIKES doing this sort of stuff. So far, my role has been limited to painting and moral support.

And though it's only evident from my side of the computer screen, I'm writing from an iMac finally! It's like buttah.

Jersey Boys at the Colonial Theater

Beau's sister bought us tickets for Christmas since he's a huge fan of the Four Seasons. After seeing the show, I think I am, too. We were the youngest people in the audience and jamming out nonetheless. It sort of reminded me of the summer I spent living in my Dad's retirement community - old people know how to party.

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