Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the things i made

Is it too late to still be talking about Christmas?  I'm still getting over my crafting fatigue and this is the first I've felt like broaching the subject.  I haven't been able to look at my sewing machine in the past three weeks without whimpering a bit.  But it was all worth it!  This year I had an almost entirely handmade Christmas.  A few items I blogged about over at the Crafty Christmas Club (links to those entries are below).

A patchwork tote for my mother-in-law

Sailor's knot bracelets for some of my favorite ladies

A restaurant review journal for my sister-in-law

A rocket ship tent for my nephew

 Also completed:
     - Three pairs of men's PJ pants
     - Christmas themed photo album 
     - Man's toiletry case (using this tutorial) 
     - Beer coozies (pictures and tutorial to come)
     - Another tote bag with a felt applique 

Though starting a small business has drained my resources, I desperately wanted to have a normal-ish Christmas.  Instead of shopping my wallet dry, I spent almost two months making things for my friends and family.  I think my hard work paid off in spite of the paper cuts, pin pricks, and that one little temper tantrum.  The presents might have been smaller than usual this year but while I made each one, I spent the entire time thinking about the person I was making it for.  I think that's what Christmas is really all about anyway.       

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